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Clash of Clans comes to Android!



Release Date: September 30, 2013
Developer: Supercell
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  • Player vs Player matchmaking ladder
  • Solid strategic choices for defense and offense


  • Long upgrade times

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Clash of Clans – The Review

Fresh to the Android scene, Clash of Clans is one of the hottest freemium games in Android’s marketplace today. Its developer, Supercell, generated $2.4 million each day by offering a pay-to-advance system within the game.

You start off with a town hall, clearing rocks and foliage to build yourself a village. There’s two basic resources to generate, used to expand your village, upgrade your buildings and defenses, and build your armies.

Supercell Clash of Clans

(Credits: Supercell)

What separates Clash of Clans from similar games is that your village can be raided and looted by players nearly right off the bat. While most developers shy away from allowing players to lose resources, Supercell’s strategic player vs player combat allows for thoughtful sieges upon your enemies.

This move by Supercell adds a bit of a Tower Defense element to your city. As you level up you get access to more walls, towers, traps, cannons, and more to help defend your resources. There’s also match making to keep advanced opponents from picking on new players and it works quite well.

On the offensive side there are many different units you can train to try to unravel your opponents defenses. Some of these units range from bomb carriers to blast wholes through walls, large giants to soak up cannon fire, to flying units to usurp ground defenses. When attacking you spawn the units you have trained one by one placing from whatever direction you desire. Upon victory (or a successful defense) you collect trophies that move you up a matchmaking ladder, resulting in harder challenges ahead. There’s also AI challenges to walk you through various types of defenses you might face, and it offers its own challenge with reward as well.

Supercell Clash of Clans

(Credits: Supercell)

There’s also social systems, where you can join clans and leagues, form alliances, and chat with other players playing the game.

One of Clash of Clans’ downsides is that you must wait quite a bit as you upgrade your buildings at higher levels, but that’s not atypical from mobile games such as these and allows a way for game developers to possibly cash in on those who are impatient without having to drive funding solely through spamming in game ads.

All in all it’s a fun experience that works very well on a mobile platform and easily worth a try.

Google Play link: Clash of Clans

Itunes link: Clash of Clans

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