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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire



Actors: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks, Lenny Kravitz, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jeffrey Wright, Stanley Tucci, Donald Sutherland
Director: Francis Lawrence
Length: 146 minutes
Release Date: November 22, 2013
Genre: ,
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I’m sure lots of people have formed opinions about The Hunger Games series. Whether you like the series, hate the series or compare it to Battle Royale because you’ve clearly never watched one or the other it’s definitely made a splash amongst the younger generation. If you’ve watched the first movie then you might expect […]

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I’m sure lots of people have formed opinions about The Hunger Games series. Whether you like the series, hate the series or compare it to Battle Royale because you’ve clearly never watched one or the other it’s definitely made a splash amongst the younger generation. If you’ve watched the first movie then you might expect this to be a shaky-cam and weirdly silent sequel but The Hunger Games Catching Fire does something most sequels can’t seem to managed. It fixes the mistakes of the predecessor. Well most of them. Let’s talk about The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.


If you’ve read the books I’ll save you a bit of trouble as far as summaries go. The movie was very true to the book except for two things I could think of. One Plutarch never revealed his watch to Katniss at the party at the capital. And Peeta and Katniss never watched the videos of the past victors for research purposes, so we never get to see Haymitch’s quarter quell victory. I may have missed other changes but I didn’t notice them.

credit: lionsgate

credit: lionsgate

So for everybody else here’s a recap of the second movie, you’re on your own for the first. Katniss is back and just as whiny as ever. The movie starts with her wanting to run away because being a victor is really hard for some reason. She also seems to have some kind of PTSD. Which is something I don’t really get. Like if I killed someone it might haunt me, but if I go to a battlefield I’m going there specifically to kill people. How are they so unprepared to do this? Maybe it’s because I’ve been so desensitized to violence. Either way Katniss is confronted by President Snow who tells her that if she doesn’t make people believe her stunt with the berries was an act of love not defiance he’ll kill everyone she loves. So it’s basically just dawned on Katniss that her fake relationship with Peeta is a forever kind of deal. That doesn’t stop Katniss from kissing both Peeta and Gale even though she’s made it clear she does not have romantic feelings for either. She’s real good at leading them on. But that’s all crap we don’t care about.


What we do care about is Plutarch and Snow hatching there plans to crush the defiance that’s brewing. Plutarch has a pretty great speech about how they’ll handle the media coverage. It’s been a year since the last hunger games which means that it’s time for another Hunger games. Except that this one is special because it’s the 75th hunger games. Every 25 years they change the rule of the games up a bit. There are sealed envelopes that dictate the rule change. In this case the tributes for the games are chosen from a pool of former victors. The end result is that Katniss and Peeta end up in the ring again. That’s when the movie gets going. They introduce the other victors who are much cooler than our main characters but still we suffer through with our bunch. And Katniss once again has decided that she hates strategy and doesn’t really want to team up with any one except the physically weak nerds and the old lady. Moving along there’s some cool tributes in the mix so the games are shaping up to be awesome.

credit: lionsgate

credit: lionsgate

They get in the ring and Katniss ends up teamed up with Finnick the badass with the trident and Mags the old lady. They’re a package deal. The non important people die and the group of four head into the jungle. Shenanigans ensue and the group rests for the night. Katniss has first watch when she sees a gentle fog roll in. The fog is all, “Hey everybody let me just billow in nice and soft. I’d hate to disturb your dre-FUCK YOUR SHIT!” Apparently it’s a murder fog because when you touch it it messes you up. The group runs away from it and the Mags sacrifices herself for Peeta. She was a nice lady.


This is taking too long light speed! Anyway they find some really mean monkeys and handle it to the best of there abilities and then they meet up with the nerds and the mean girl. Kat and Finn get haunted by birds that talk like people they know because emotionally they’re as strong as a gentle breeze. Kat realizes the whole thing is a clock. They get attacked, unimportant people die. The rest of the people are killed off screen making introducing them to me pointless. Then important nerd comes up with a plan. They tie a wire to a tree and Kat shoots the sky. The force field falls down and it’s revealed that Heavensbee and Haymaker planned the whole thing to start a revolution and get Kat to the not very well set up in the movies district 13. District 12 was bombed to fuck town and the movie ends to set up for the trilogy because everything is a trilogy nowadays. End of fucking movie.

credit: lionsgate

credit: lionsgate

Sorry if that was too quick. I feel the need to do a summary but I always get the feeling that no one wants to hear it. Anyway the point is the movie holds together well and there’s some cool scenes. It’s much better than it’s predecessor so I’ll go ahead and recommend it. But it’s not a must see if you’re not interested. The concept is common (there are a lot of game to the death movies out there) so you’re not missing anything and it’s characters aren’t particularly interesting. Actually they’re very annoying. Katniss is always complaining about her life, Haytmitch refuses to leave his drunk mode (except for the end, maybe he still could have been drunk), Peeta is always about to die (the damsel in distress), and Gale refuses to realize that Katniss is a pretty shitty girl, Plutarch Heavensbee spends the whole movie ignoring his responsibilities as president of the ridiculous name committee, Johanna is cool I’ve always liked her, Beetee was too busy cleaning his glasses and Finnick is too busy shimmering his abs in the sun to really develop some character. Everyone else is too unimportant to this movie to get any character development or they died off screen. They spent most of the movie running away from stuff. Anyway go ahead and watch it because this movie is like a Ferrari there are faster cars out there but it looks nice and sometimes that’s enough. Thanks for reading!!!!!!!


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