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The World’s End



Actors: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Martin Freeman, Paddy Considine, Rosamund Pike, Eddie Marsan
Director: Edgar Wright
Length: 109 minutes
Release Date: August 23 2013
Genre: , ,
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Great action sequences, great writing, and fantastic performances


darker than you'd expect

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One day the world will end, and whether it ends by some outside force or our own machinations remains to be seen. For now the end to our world is not an uncommon element to be seen in fiction. So I guess what I’m saying is, let’s talk about The World’s end. The World’s End […]

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One day the world will end, and whether it ends by some outside force or our own machinations remains to be seen. For now the end to our world is not an uncommon element to be seen in fiction. So I guess what I’m saying is, let’s talk about The World’s end.


The World’s End is the third installment of what is now known as the Cornetto trilogy. Which means it’s a movie directed by Edgar wright and stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. It also should at some point mention Cornetto, an English ice cream cone thing. So the first in this installment is Shaun of the Dead. Shaun of the dead is probably the perfect representation of the zombie apocalypse. But that’s an argument for another review.

(No screw it I’ll do it right now. The idea that zombies could overthrow society is ludicrous. Not because of the resurrecting dead that’s whatever, but the idea that these mindless, slow, easily manipulated, completely killable morons could somehow defeat the army makes absolutely no sense. Why? Because bullets still work. As soon as the army rolls in they’ll shoot down all the zombies. And I know what you’re thinking, “But they have numbers?” No they don’t, because your basic knuckle-dragger knows enough to run away from the crazy guy who’s biting everything. Go outside, find someone and try to bite them. Bet you it’s harder than you think. If the virus spreads by bite then it’d be next to impossible to spread any kind of quickly. But even in the unlikely scenario that the zombie virus were to spread to a decent number of people the people would still be stupid. You could bait them into traps easily. You could lead the zombies into completely safe scenarios and dispose of them. It’s like playing chess with a 2 year old. Now I know what you’re thinking again, “But what about the fast zombies?” Well that’s an entirely different conversation. This conversation is about slow zombies.)

I could go on (for a while actually) but let’s move on. The next movie in the Cornetto trilogy is Hot Fuzz. Hot Fuzz is a buddy cop movie, and a damn good action movie if you ask me. In fact so is The World’s End.

(While on the subject of a good action . . . NO FOCUS!)

Credit: Universal

Credit: Universal

So The World’s End revolves around Gary King. One of the more interesting things about this movie is that the outcome of the second half of the movie is revealed in the first half. The beginning of the movie is Gary’s recanting of the time that he and his childhood friends attempted the Golden Mile. This attempt informs the second for those who pay attention. Gary tells the tale from what’s clearly some kind of group therapy. Though you won’t know what kind until the end of the movie. I mean you can guess if you like, but it’s not said out loud till the end. Gary is a man who was the king in high school and wanted to stay king it just didn’t really pan out that way. Life threw it’s curveballs and he ended up a loser obsessed with the past. Unable to let go of this past, and inspired by a man in his group, Gary decides to reattempt the Golden mile.

Credit: Universal

Credit: Universal

I should probably tell you what the Golden mile is. Basically it’s a pub crawl. The 5 guys walk along a path that takes them through their home town of Newton Haven drinking a pint of beer at each pub along the way, 12 overall. The pubs have colorful names that somewhat reveal something what’s going to happen therein. Try and pay attention to that too. Anyway the five friends find that the town has been taken over by robots . . . well they’re not really robots. The term robot is derived from the czech word Rabota which means slave, and they are not slaves. I would normally summarize the events but I feel that for this movie it’s best to just watch it since it’s kind of unpredictable. The ending comes out of left field. I actually had a hard time writing this because I wasn’t sure what my thoughts on this movie were, and I realized it was because I was genuinely surprised that this movie didn’t follow standard procedure. There’s a lot of things that are obvious in movies that we’ve all come to expect, but this movie was downright grim.

Credit: Universal

Credit: Universal

Let’s talk about that. Gary is a loser, and what’s more his friends are fully aware of it. These guys lost touch and when Gary walks back into their lives it takes Gary a fair share of manipulation to get them to tag along. Gary is not only a loser he’s an asshole. He treats the four others like it’s their job to follow him and they are noticeably sick of it. Another grim moment, spoilers, is the reveal that when someone is switched out for a robot their body is destroyed and used for mulch. This fact actually claims the lives of two characters. Also, mega spoilers, the movie ends with Gary using his belligerent humanity to force the aliens who are making the robots to leave and thus doom Earth to the dark ages because they took all the technology with them. So the movie ends in a kind of post apocalyptic wasteland. It’s kind of a downer but not when you consider why it happen.

Credit: Universal

Credit: Universal

I would argue that all three of the Cornetto movies are about growing up. In Shaun of dead ,Shaun learns that just because you have to grow up doesn’t mean you have to lose the things that make you you. In Hot Fuzz, Officer Angel learns that disregarding happiness doesn’t make you a grown up, and that having fun should be just as important. And in The World’s End, Gary king learns that when growing up you can look to the past for inspiration but stay focused on the future you want to create. And that’s what makes them a trilogy. Though the three movies don’t influence each other in anyway they are all rooted together in the same ideas.

Credit: Universal

Credit: Universal

So my thoughts on the movie are pretty simple. I thought it was good. I think it’s worth your time and if you’re willing to pay a bit more attention than your average summer blockbuster you might find it more rewarding. Though most might find the character of Gary king childish and selfish, I think he really was speaking for all of humanity when he quoted Peter Fonda in the Wild angels (had to look that up) and told the aliens that, “We wanna be free. We wanna be free to do what we wanna do. And we wanna get loaded. And we wanna have a good time.” Because in the end maybe it’s just that simple.

Credit: Universal

Credit: Universal

So what would I compare this movie too? I would say The Worlds End is a jigsaw puzzle. When you look at each piece individually it’s not really much of anything but when you see how they fit together and you can take in the whole picture. It can be pretty cool. Thanks for reading.


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