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Remove Recently Viewed Websites from Chrome’s New Tab Update

After today’s automatic chrome update, you might not be a fan of having your recently browsed sites pop up every time you hit ctrl-t or launch a new tab. Unfortunately there is no fix for this in the normal settings area....


Grand Theft Auto V generates $1.2 Billion in three days.

Grand Theft Auto V broke sales records in the history of entertainment. Rockstar Games has exceeded all sales goals, selling $800 million in the first day, and 1.2 BILLION in the first three days.  This makes Grand Theft Auto t...


The Family

There’s no easy way to say this. I have split personalities. Just one more than this one. My name is Dave my split is named Dick and he happens to be a better chess player than me. As well as better at other things. I men...

Settlers Online City
Settlers Online City
Settlers Online City

The Settlers Online Review

The Settler's Online is a well designed game by Blue Byte for a free browser game. The building graphics are very crisp and polished. But the lack of player vs player interaction and slow pace of the game basically turns the ga...


Papers, Please – Review

“Papers, Please.” You will hear that phrase countless times as all kinds will try to get into your beloved country using guise or bribery. Lucas Pope developed one of the most popular indie games of 2013.  In Papers...


What’s wrong with Iron man 3?

At this point in time we’ve all probably seen Iron Man 3 and opinions are already formed. I’m not going to stand here and tell you if it was good or bad. I will however do what I always do. Nitpick and complain rega...


The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

The first thing I want to say about The Mortal Instruments: the city of bones is that the city of bones is irrelevant to the plot. They go to the city of bones for one scene and it could have taken place literally anywhere else...


The World’s End

One day the world will end, and whether it ends by some outside force or our own machinations remains to be seen. For now the end to our world is not an uncommon element to be seen in fiction. So I guess what I’m saying i...