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Hearthstone Review and Tips – ft. Reynad’s Warlock Zoo



Release Date: March 11, 2014
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
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  • Free
  • Easy to learn
  • Mobile Friendly


  • No tournament feature

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Hearthstone is Blizzard’s latest free to play game. Set in the Warcraft universe, it plays very similarly to Magic with a greater focus on simplicity.

Posted March 19, 2014 by

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Hearthstone has been a remarkable success for Blizzard.  Its casual foray into the digital card game space has exploded with over one million players in the closed beta alone.

Hearthstone is a free game played over Blizzard’s Battle.Net service.  It plays very similarly to Magic the Gathering with a greater focus on simplicity.  Nonetheless with 382 unique cards to choose from, there are several layers of strategy and deck composition that make the game continually appealing and fun to play.  Unlock packs of cards by earning gold in game through daily quests and conquering your opponent, or by opening your wallet to purchase them.  You are matched up against an opponent of a similar skill level (thanks to a ranked ladder) in a 1v1 environment and play as a class from Blizzard’s popular World of Warcraft series.  Cards have been tailored to imitate some of the creatures and spells from the Warcraft universe.

(Credits: Blizzard Entertainment)

(Credits: Blizzard Entertainment)

The game also features a drafted arena mode for in-game currency or $1.50 USD.  In this mode, you draft together a temporary deck to play with until you lose 3 times.  The amount of times you are victorious (up to a max of twelve wins) increases the reward.  Rewards include card packs, gold currency, crafting materials, and sometimes even gold cards or legendaries.

The interface lends itself quite well for mobile design and will later be released on android and apple mobile devices as well as the Ipad.

Hopefully Blizzard will introduce a tournament game mode for Hearthstone to add to its longevity.

You may download Hearthstone from Blizzard and watch the trailer below.


If you are looking for a great deck that is cheap to make, here is one of the current top decks available.


Reynad’s Warlock Zoo

The Warlock Zoo decks are composed of a random mix of low casting cost creatures with very high value. The name of the game is tempo and board control. The warlock class ability of inflicting self damage to draw an additional card lends itself extremely well to this strategy.

During your starting hand try to plan out what you will do for the first few turns and aim use all your mana using cards for the first three turns in a row. This is where the majority of your games are won or lost.

The cheap taunters are great for drawing away damage from your Flame Imps, Knife Jugglers, and damage units; helping you dictate how damage is traded on the board.  The Abusive Sergeants and Dark Iron Dwarfs are great for pumping your divine shielded units and trading off something stronger.  Harvest Golems and Scarlet Crusaders are great cheap creatures with the durability to remove two threats a piece.  Soulfire is so broken in our deck – free removal at the cost of one of our cheap cards, which we can easily replenish as we are a warlock.

The Doomguards are great finishers but other alternatives are viable such as an Argent Commander, Leeroy Jenkins, and even a Black Knight.

Warlock Cards

Name Type Cost Atk HP
Soulfire × 2 Ability 0 0 0
Flame Imp × 2 Minion 1 3 2
Mortal Coil × 2 Ability 1 0 0
Voidwalker × 2 Minion 1 1 3
Doomguard × 2 Minion 5 5 7


Neutral Cards

Name Type Cost Atk HP
Abusive Sergeant × 2 Minion 1 2 1
Argent Squire × 2 Minion 1 1 1
Shieldbearer × 2 Minion 1 0 4
Dire Wolf Alpha × 2 Minion 2 2 2
Knife Juggler × 2 Minion 2 3 2
Harvest Golem × 2 Minion 3 2 3
Scarlet Crusader × 2 Minion 3 3 1
Shattered Sun Cleric × 2 Minion 3 3 2
Dark Iron Dwarf × 2 Minion 4 4 4
Defender of Argus × 2 Minion 4 2 3


Crafting Cost: 1240 materials 

If you would like to see more of these types of deck discussions in the future for Hearthstone let me know.  If you want to practice against me or add me as a friend, my username is Lucidvein#1142.

Jason Benedict

I'm a fanatical PC gamer and tech enthusiast from S Florida.

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