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Player Unknown Battlegrounds


Release Date: March 23, 2017
Developer: Bluehole
Publisher: Bluehole
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Realistic gunplay with gun modding in a Battle Royale setting. Quality sound effects. Very intense and satisfying chicken dinners.


Lacks a good rank system. Clunky movement.

Posted June 19, 2018 by

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Player unknown Battlegrounds is a revolutionary game bringing the Battle Royale format out from the shadows to the masses.

Sure everyone’s probably heard of this game by now.  Even some already tiring of the genre as many developers and publishers aim to ride the success of Steam’s most popular game with millions of players engaging in the action every day. With new popular releases such as Fortnite and Realm Royale, PUBG remains the only battle royale game with its roots in realism and solid gun play. Much of the player base’s initial welcome to PUBG has worn off as they tire of somewhat shoddy development a couple years down the line.  From adding micro-transactions into the game which they once promised they wouldn’t.. requiring keys for loot boxes to special direct purchase skins for weapons and parachutes. Furthermore they seem to committed to ignore community feedback as red zones punish active players, forcing even more camping in a game that suffers from inactivity.

That said PUBG is about to bring a new map Sanhok which aims to refresh the experience reducing the map size by 400% to keep the pacing much more intensive. The map features more verticality, better textures and models, and an underground tunnel network. You can check that out here:

Another map was announced last E3 as well.. a snow map with a winter release tease. New maps do help PUBG stand alone in the BR genre.

Still played by crowd favorites such as Shroud and Dr Disrespect on twitch, PUBG will remain one of the biggest games to grace the PC.

Check out some of highlights I experienced while playing.

Feel free to leave us some comments and enjoy the new map!

Jason Benedict

I'm a fanatical PC gamer and tech enthusiast from S Florida.

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